Bitcoin flows like water.

What happens when all the bitcoins are mined?

Well, what happens when it stops raining?

An ocean full of life.

The heat of the sun’s magnificence shines down, bringing warmth and hope.

Grateful for the glow, the ocean pays its respects and upon it new clouds are born.

The clouds drift inland, raining upon the mountains who toil day and night.

Thirst quenched, the mountains bestow upon the earth flowing rivers.

The rivers wind, snaking their way across the land until they join the ocean.

Replenished with new sediment, ocean life is renewed.

The Coin Cycle is complete.

Bitcoin is Biomimicry

The best engineering takes inspiration from Nature. Air foils in the shape of birds. Structural steel members copied from bee hives. We are often inspired by Nature’s beautiful creations which have been perfected over millions of years of trial and error.

Bitcoin too is biomimicry. It is an engineered market whose properties are inspired by Natural markets and cycles.

We often separate humanity from the rest of nature, putting ourselves on a pedestal. “Smarter”, “more evolved”, “higher order” etc. But are we really so different than the rest of life on earth?

IMO all life forms work within a natural market structure and its just the currency that’s different.

Maybe we have sort of lost our way, in a sense. Abstracting too much upon abstraction. Maybe we are too far removed from the basics. Our existing currency certainly doesn’t appear to resemble nature in any way, does it? An incontestable cabal dictating how money is created and distributed … there’s nothing natural about fiat money.

I think fiat money is responsible for much of the strife in the world today. For much of what seems unnatural. I think bitcoin brings us back to the basics. Back to nature.

I think Bitcoin flows like water.

❤ Steve

Bitcoin mining enthusiast / owner of @UpstreamDataInc / oilfield tech innovator / internal gears will change the world