A better metric to consider when valuing the energy cost of bitcoin mining.

Detractors of Bitcoin will commonly cite the energy consumption of bitcoin mining as a knock against it, here are a couple recent examples:

What happens when all the bitcoins are mined?

Well, what happens when it stops raining?

An ocean full of life.

The heat of the sun’s magnificence shines down, bringing warmth and hope.

Grateful for the glow, the ocean pays its respects and upon it new clouds are born.

The clouds drift inland, raining upon the mountains who toil day and night.

Thirst quenched, the mountains bestow upon the earth flowing rivers.

The rivers wind, snaking their way across the land until they join the ocean.

Replenished with new sediment, ocean life is renewed.

The Coin Cycle is complete.

Bitcoin is Biomimicry

The best…

Carbon tax is not merely ineffective, it is doing incremental harm to the environment. Let’s explore a better alternative.

Note to the reader: I write this essay as someone who is in a significant position to benefit from carbon credits and the carbon tax penalties in general. I am the owner of Upstream Data Inc — a business that deploys technology to reduce methane emissions in oilfield. Our technology reduces massive volumes of GHG emissions and we have sparked a rapidly growing industry around this tech. The carbon tax is a huge incentive for our customers to buy our products and thus benefits our business greatly. However, I refuse to sit silent and abide such fraudulent destruction to the…

Soon, fiat money dies.

The bitcoin price continues to soar and its steady exponential ascent upwards will soon approach a critical point of no return. This is the inflection point.

Today the wife and I went on a gorgeous hike in beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui to check out some of the worlds finest Fiat Art known as ‘Wind Turbines’

Check out my thoughts below in this three-part exclusive shitpost :P

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

I do highly recommend you hike this trail if you visit Maui.

Thanks for watching!

❤ Steve

An essay exploring the sexy side of bitcoin mining — engines and power generation.

A bitcoin mine can be deployed to monetize electricity wherever it is generated and thus yields increased energy utilization efficiency for all energy sectors.

In recent years a lot of excitement has been generated over the potential to use bitcoin mining as a way to improve the capacity factor of intermittent energy sources by reducing associated curtailment that is inherent to intermittent sources such as wind and solar.

While I am keen to see how bitcoin mining plays out within the intermittent energy industry, I am personally far more interested in understanding how bitcoin mining can improve the application of…

Black, digital gold.

The future of bitcoin mining is oilfield.

There is no greater quantity of stranded and wasted energy in the world than there is in oilfield.

Some quick facts:

  • Natural gas flaring volumes reported to be 145 billion cubic meters in 2018, representing approximately 5% of total natural gas production globally. [Source: World Bank]
  • Venting and flaring volumes are largely under reported by oil and gas producers, volumes likely significantly higher. I can also attest to this fact from direct field experience. [1]
  • Economically stranded gas wells represent a massively growing liability. I wrote about this here: [2]
  • Oil and gas still accounts for the lions share of…

– The sustainability of censorship resistance –

Foreword: As with freedom and oppression, Bitcoin and State money may exist in a perpetual tug of war between ideals. Where State money relies on compulsory participation, Bitcoin offers completely voluntary entry and exit and thus represents the antithesis of State money. In this essay I will explore the mechanisms in which Bitcoin may resist State attack.

Notes to the reader:

· The term ‘Bitcoin’ with a capital ‘B’ refers to the Bitcoin network or economy, while the term ‘bitcoin’ refers to the unit of money.

· Please refer to the definitions section at the end for clarifications


Bitcoin’s ability to resist censorship has…


Bitcoin mining enthusiast / owner of @UpstreamDataInc / oilfield tech innovator / internal gears will change the world

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